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Pricing (1st regular order free.)

Price of Full Complete Roof Measurement Report

1 to 9
$24.99 For small or simple roof, like small roof 1   small roof 2  
10 to 40
$34.99 For Most residential and commercial roofs.
Most residential and commercial roofs have less than 40 planes. See some complete real reports
  27 Planes: Residential report. Cost $34.99 only   26 Planes: Commercial report. Cost $34.99 only
  28 Planes: Residential report. Cost $34.99 only  38 Planes and 247 SQs report. Cost $34.99 only 
$1 per plane   For example $41for a report with 41 planes
(also see our Huge Roof Adjustment)
Huge Roof Adjustment: We can save you money if you don't need us to draw RTU, or Vents. When a job has more than total 85 planes, we will do adjustment to save you money. Or you can call us to negotiate, we will listen to you.
***Volume Order Discount: For every 10 Full Measurement orders you place, you get 11th Full Measurement order free.
Price of Ez-Squares Report A roof squares only report. This is a great money saving, fast estimation for someone who just needs the total SQs of a roof.
1 or 2
$15 for up to two seperated roof structures. Ez-Squares 1 Ez-Squares 2
$7 per additional structure. From the 3rd seperated roof structure, we charge $7 each additional structure.

* A plane is defined as any enclosed triangular, rectangular, square or circular area. If there is an area with 6-10 edges then the area would be counted as 2 planes.
** Other companies ask you to deposit hundreds or thouands of dollars before your order, but we'll accept each order by charging your Credit Card only $34.99.  After we see the real property, we will adjust the cost if it has less than 10 planes or greater than 40 planes.  If less than 10 planes, $10 will be credited toward your next order. If planes are greater than 40, then the total cost will be adjusted to $1 per plane.
*** 11th Free Order means free cost for planes under 41 planes.
**** Regular order means it's planes under 41 planes.
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