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Price of Full Complete Roof Measurement Report in PDF & ESX

**Cost      Samples
1 to 5
$14.99       5 Planes  
6 to 15
$19.99       11 Planes   14 Planes   15 Planes  
16 to 25
$25.99       22 Planes   23 Planes   25 Planes  
26 to 35
$32.99       27 Planes   32 Planes   33 Planes  
36 to 45
$39.99       40 Planes   42 Planes  
$0.65/plane  So total cost=$39.99+(TotalPlanes-45)*0.65       50Planes   52Planes   60Planes  64Planes  65Planes  99Planes 
Huge Roof, like Appartment complex, etc, we will negotiate before we start to draw.
Price of Ez-Squares Report A roof squares only report. This is a great money saving, fast estimation for someone who just needs the total SQs of a roof.
1 or 2
$10.99 for one or two seperated roof structures. Ez-Squares 1 Ez-Squares 2
(One report includes all buildings) From the 3rd building, we charge $7 each building
(If you request one report per building) $10 per building. From the 3rd building, we charge $10 each building.

* A plane is defined as any enclosed triangular, rectangular, square or circular area. If there is an area with 6-10 edges then the area would be counted as 2 planes.
One skylight or one ventilation, etc count as one plane.
** No monthy or annual membership fee
No deposit hundreds or thouands of dollars before your order
[we can accept check or deposit in advance if you like to]
We don't charge each order until we finish and send it to you.
**** Regular order means it's planes is under 45 planes.
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