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FAQ Page

How much does a complete measurement report cost?
Please check out our very competitive pricing and samples
Pricing and Samples page

Can I try one for free?
Sure, we offer you the first regular order free.
regular order means 1 or 2 days and the total planes is less than 45. Most residential single family house roof has total 45 planes or less

How to update Credit Card info?
Go to menu "Profile", then submenu "Payment"
Don't forget click "Save Credit Card Info" there

How much does an Ez-Squares report cost?
$10.99 if the roof has less than or equal to 2 seperated structures
$7.00 per additional seperated structures if the roof has more than 2 structures.

What is an Ez-Squares report?
Ez-Squares report is a roof squares only report. see Ez-Squares sample
It is a great money saving, fast estimation.

Can I place an order for commercial roof?
Absolutly. Our report and pricing work for both Commercial and Residential roofs

Refund ?
We refund back to your RoofEZ account as credit instead of to your Credit Card.

What is a plane ?
A plane is defined as any enclosed triangular, rectangular, square or circular area. If there is an area with 6-10 edges then the area would be counted as 2 planes.

How long does it take to finish my report ?
Two business days. But in most cases, we deliver report just in one business day.
We also provide Express Delivery
3 Hours
8 Hours
24 Hours

What kind info does your report provide ?
-Total SQs of the roof and total perimeters.
- SQs of each area and length of each edge.
- Pitch of each Area
- Number of eaves, valleys, hips, rakes and ridges (skylights and chimneys if applicable).
- An aerial view of the property and four views from north, south, east and west.
- A waste calculation table.

Can you print my logo in my report ?
Yes, and it is free to place your logo on the top of each of your reports. Just upload your logo onto menu "Profile", submenu "Company Logo"

Where are you located ?
We are in Houston, Texas.
PO Box 842651, Houston, TX 77284-2651
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